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What Is SelfEvite?

SelfEvite is the perfect way to send your friends and family members a personalized invitation. Whether it's a birthday party, graduation, wedding or any other event that deserves some special attention, SelfEvite lets you tell your guests how much you can't wait to see them there in a personalized video message.

Traditional wedding invitations can be boring. Not to mention costly. They always say the same thing. What if the bride and groom-to-be could take a video of themselves telling their guests how much they can't wait to share this exciting day with them?

You'll love it because you'll get to share your enthusiasm with your guests and save a heap on your wedding budget. Your guests will love seeing your personalized message to them. No waiting for snail mail invitations that may get lost. Just upload and send. Quick, simple and fun.

How Does SelfEvite Work?

Sending a SelfEvite is very simple. The SelfEvite Creator app lets you customize your video invitation. Just follow a few quick steps to send out yours:

  • Upload your Selfie video message or photo

  • Choose the features you want to add such as Calendar, Contact and Maps

  • Send to your contacts

  • And you're done!

Why SelfEvite is great for your guests:

  • Its Calendar icon provides an automatic Save-the-Date reminder in their mobile or computer's Calendar.

  • The Contact icon automatically opens their phone's keypad with your phone number already in it.

  • The Maps icon links them to Google maps and shows them directions to your event from their location.

  • The Facebook icon allows them to RSVP to your event.

SelfEvite basically takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is plan the best event ever.

Why Choose SelfEvite?

People have higher response rates to images than they do to plain text. If you're an events planner, you know what a challenge it can be to even get someone to read the event details on the invite in the first place. SelfEvite is the perfect solution. Your guests get to watch a video of you instead of having to sit down and read an invitation. And the Calendar, Contact, Maps and RSVP features make it super easy for them to say yes.

A wedding invitation can look very formal and impersonal. It's difficult to find birthday party invitations that aren't for kids. Facebook has so much traffic these days that it's easy for people to miss an invitation to an event on it. A SelfEvite provides a modern new twist to the invitation that solves all these problems. SelfEvite lets you send a message to your guests in your own personal style. And if the novelty of receiving a video invitation doesn't help them remember your event, the Calendar feature that loads a reminder for it certainly will.

Event planning can already be stressful. Even more so when you add printing the invitations to your to-do list. And what if there's a mistake at the printer's or they can't deliver the invites in time for your event? With SelfEvite, none of those things are a problem. SelfEvite is instant. Send it whenever you like. It's just a matter of taking the video and sending it to your contacts. No waiting. No worrying.

Paper invitations can be costly. SelfEvite is free! Cut your budget by using a cool new app. It's a total win-win.


SelfEvite Creator

There are only three simple steps to create your SelfEvite using SelfEvite Creator.

  • Provide Contact Details

  • Upload or Take a picture of Invitation

  • Upload or create your video instantly

About Us

Solweaver Technologies is a small team of developers who are dedicated to finding the best solution possible for your IT woes. You give us the threads and we'll weave the solution for you.

Solweaver specializes in designing, implementing and building applications in Consumer markets as well as Enterprise world. As a Metaio Certified Developer, with in-depth knowledge of mobile applications (HTML5, iOS, Android and Windows platforms) development, 3D, Augmented Reality experience and the Enterprise applications (like SAP, ZOHO, etc.), Solweaver enriches the experience of end-customers by creating innovative solutions and applications using the Metaio platform. (EN/IN)

What inspired us to make SelfEvite?

We have entered the Age of the Selfie. So our team decided since everyone is already taking selfies, why not put them to good use and make a cool new app that allows people to invite their friends and families to events using a selfie photo or video. We think you'll enjoy using this app and your guests will love receiving a SelfEvite from you. The features we've included such as Calendar, Contact and Maps makes sending a SelfEvite the most innovative and convenient way to send an invitation.


SelfEvites contain a QR code that allows them to scan the invitation in order to open it. Once they scan their SelfEvite they'll be able to see the personalized video message you sent to them.

You can send it to as many or as few contacts as you would like. There's no limit.

SelfEvite works with iOS and Android.

Absolutely. SelfEvite allows you to take a new photo or video, or upload one you already have stored on your device.

SelfEvite allows you to send video & audio messages, photos and 3D models.

RSVPing to an event has never been easier. Once they open the SelfEvite, they'll see a Facebook icon. They can click on it to RSVP for the event.

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